Brisbane Dingo Mini Digger Hire Brisbane

Brisbane Dingo Mini Digger Hire Brisbane

Slab Preparation
Lift upto 40m2 of grass (depth 50mm) +
Place into pile/trailer/skip adjacent (2m3 of material)

Post/Fence Holes
Upto 12 Fence Post Holes
Depth 600mm
Diameter 200mm, 250mm or 300mm

Turf Preparation
Spread 10m3 soil, gravel, crusher dust level

Single Day Dry Hire (8 hours)
Dingo Machine +
4 in 1 bucket or Post Hole Digger or Trencher +
Unlimited hours of use +
Delivery and Pickup +
Advice / Some Driver Training on Your Site
Local Area Only

Additional Attatchments (Each)
Spreader Bar (Leveller), Ripper, Trecher, 4 in 1 Bucket, Post Hole Auger.

For advice or a quote you can find our contact details here.

Driving A Dingo Yourself

Safety is important. While dropping the dingo off we will run through how to use it and give you some tips. However, there is no replacement for common sense because we cannot inform you of everything. Please consider your safety and the safety of those around you carefully. You alone are responsible for safety and damage caused.

Here are some tips:

  Avoid slopes of 15 degrees or more because this can cause the Dingo to tip over.

  Avoid lifting the bucket up high because this can cause the Dingo to tip over.

  Set the engine on low revs and move slowly are carefuly. Always look behind you.

  Never jerk the machine as sudden movements can cause the Dingo to tip over.

  Never allow children or other people hang around you while you work.

  The engine axhaust contains Carbon Monoxide - Its poisonous and odorless.

  These tips and those given by us on site do not cover everything you need to know.

  It is your job to ensure you know how to use this machine before hiring it.