Brisbane Dingo Mini Digger Hire Brisbane
Many homes in Brisbane now have restricted access to their back yards. The lack of access makes the use of an excavator or bobcat impossible. For others, the area of work itself has restricted space. In Brisbane today there is a need for an earth works machine that can manouver in a small space or the job it just too small to need a large excavator.

A Dingo is ideal for small spaces, it can access back hards though small gaps or work in a restructed space such as under a house or in a garden bed.

The Right Size

Years ago most Brisbanites had a 1/4 acre block. Those days are now gone. Yards are small. This allows owners to use smaller machines and save money.

A Dingo mini digger can access a yard through a 900mm opening (a standard gate). It is also big enough to handle all earth works requirements of the average Brisbane yard.
The Right Manouverability

Many tasks in and around Brisbane require earth works in a confined space. When excavating under a house you need a machine that is capable of manouvering between the posts.

A dingo mini digger is ideal for earthworks in a confined space. It can manouver with a small garden bed, against a house, or under a house between the posts.

A dingo mini digger is perfect for the Brisbane yard. The Dingo Mini Digger is a Aussie icon, made and developed in Dalby Queensland. Its made with for the Australian Back yard by people who understand how we live.

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